Biggest Turn-Ons For Women

#10 Be polite and good things will come to you

Be polite and good things will come to you

Being polite is a necessity no matter how much a ruffian you are. The test is simple – be strong to the whole world and polite to your lady. Give her that and you have turned her on. If you are polite by nature, you are higher on the scale.
The “thanks yous” and “my ladys” always extract that secret blink of appreciation. The twinkle in the eye is a result of well spoken words.

#9 Make her feel secure

Make her feel secure

Sense of security is yet another turn-on for women; and you better prove yourself to be a pillar she can hold on to. While protecting your lady’s honour is old school, it still counts! But don’t forcefully create a situation that would involve fist fights. Stupid that would be. A simple gesture such as holding her strongly while she adjusts her heels is enough. She should feel safe with you. Make the cut gentlemen!

#8 Wearing a good aftershave

Wearing a good aftershave

While it’s a common perception that women get turned on by a man’s body odor (can’t say if that’s true), it is definitely not so on a date. Charming fragrances instead, are a huge turn-on for women. They love the exotic scents. The first time you stand beside her, this fragrance is going to make a mark. So it better be irresistible! She would remember you for this fragrance. Head over heels it is!

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