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Men Shave Weather Patterns in to Beards

In the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, Darwin, the tropical city’s seasonal weather patterns are now being honoured by a trend which sees male residents of the Top End shaving patterns into their beards.


Why Do We Laugh?

Most laughter is about dominance, trust, relief, adaptation, or bullying… in fact, laughter rarely has anything to do with humour! Researchers have come up with a whole range of reasons why we chuckle, giggle, snigger, cackle, and laugh hysterically, but they’re having a little trouble narrowing it down to a final conclusion. Oh well, I guess they’ll just have to laugh it off…


15 Hilariously Bad Police Sketches

It’s hard to tell whether the victims gave the vaguest descriptions ever or the artists had already given in their two week’s notice but either way, these police sketches wouldn’t give you a lot of confidence that they’re gonna catch the guy…


15 Laziest Halloween Costumes

Left it to the last minute to sort out a costume for your friend’s Halloween party? Well you better think of something because you might not think it’s a big deal to rock up without a costume but trust me, you’ll be shunned by everyone there and you’ll most definitely be going home alone at the end of the night. Actually there you go, home alone… it’s not hard to dress up as modern day Macaulay Culkin.


15 Kinds Of Snapchatters You Know

Yes, we all have our favourite and least favourite snapchat friends, and chances are you love them or hate them for one of the following reasons. If you have a friend on your snapchat list who ticks every box on this list, kudos for having the strength to not delete them.


9 Biggest Dating Text Fails

Some of these people are just plain idiots when it comes to what they put in to text form. Take a moment and laugh at their stupidity.

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