#11 This touching sentiment:

This touching sentiment:


23 Bizarre U.S. State Laws

These odd laws are still on the books today. It's easy (and funny) for us to look at these and have a laugh, but for these places these are just the norm. And I'm sure there's a reason these laws exist.


25 Pieces of Cool Artwork Using Everyday Objects

Not much of an artist but good at doodling in your notebook? Forget to get your partner a card for Valentine’s Day and need to whip up something cute real fast? Take a look at these fantastic and creative little sketches incorporating household objects by artist Javier Perez that he’s always posting on his Instagram.


10 Strange Sex Facts From Around The World

Syphilis was a very dangerous sexually transmitted disease that affected soldiers during Hitler’s regime. Hitler developed something known as Nazi sex dolls to prevent his soldiers from sleeping with French prostitutes who were very common during that period.


Reality in the Third World

This is an article that has been written by one of our partners that is currently living in a third world country that is one of the poorest countries in the world. We thought it would be a good time to highlight what we have in the First World that we may take for granted as our lives there are extremely rosy. This is just a short list, that tries to portray life here, however, it still doesn’t do it true justice until you come and see it for yourself.


24 Useless Facts I Bet You Didn't Know!

Very Interesting Facts For Your Knowledge Base! However, we can guarantee you now that these are completely useless facts and will probably never really help you with anything.