#11 This touching sentiment:

This touching sentiment:


5 mysterious health foods

FORGET kale and chia seeds. There’s a whole new line-up of superfood products in town. They all claim to do wonders for your health, but are these foods actually that good for you? We’ve spoken to the experts and got the skinny on these five ‘miracle’ foods.


15 Comic Book Villains That Need Their Own Movies

Ever wondered why (Catwoman aside) comic book villains don't ever get their own movies? Most superhero fans love to see the hero save the day in comic films, but there are some epic super villains in the comic universe that are just not getting the kind of attention they deserve.


16 Amazing Swimming Pools

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned dip in the pool? It can be one of the most relaxing, comforting things you can do. (Wearing swimwear and soaking up the sun ain't bad either.) Now, these holes filled with water that were previously used as a cooling form of exercise are becoming beautiful works of art. Some engineers and architects have put together some of the most visually stunning and beautiful pool on the face of the Earth.


15 Things You Didn’t Know About Adolf Hitler

The most infamous villain of them all from our past, Hitler led a movement based on hatred and racism that resulted in the deaths and ongoing suffering of millions. But we all know that already. The following is a list of some of the lesser known things about the man we all consider synonymous with evil.


31 Mind Melting Images

Here are a collection of images that are hard to wrap your head around. Take a look and be amazed - but not for too long or you might lose yourself!


How to Sit When Using Public Transport

It’s not up to anybody else to tell you how to relax. Unless of course, when they are negatively affected by your actions in such situation as the use of public transport. And so, it appears that a lot of women have had enough of the way some men choose sit to on their daily commute. Surely that can’t be a legitimate point of conjecture can it? As long as hands are kept to themselves and nobody is shouting obscenities, then we have no problem, right? Wrong.


23 Unique Gifts For Food Lovers

A collection of unique items every food lover should own...whether to make your life easier or simply to display your passion for food.