#11 This touching sentiment:

This touching sentiment:


Players vs. Gamers

There are true players and then there are wanna be players, otherwise known as fakers or lames. Flashing some change is the lamest, most desperate move in the book. Go hang out with the gamers you fake playa!


16 Amazing Swimming Pools

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned dip in the pool? It can be one of the most relaxing, comforting things you can do. (Wearing swimwear and soaking up the sun ain't bad either.) Now, these holes filled with water that were previously used as a cooling form of exercise are becoming beautiful works of art. Some engineers and architects have put together some of the most visually stunning and beautiful pool on the face of the Earth.


Interesting Facts about War

Throughout history, we have had our fair share of wars, and now with the escalation around the world in hostilities, it may be a good time to reflect on wars actual cost.


15-Year-Old's Stop-Motion Animation Recreates Famous Movie Scenes With LEGOs

15-year-old aspiring filmmaker Morgan Spence spent 3 weeks putting together a stop-motion animation for the book trailer of LEGO masterbuilder Warren Elsmore's Brick Flicks. Working together with the artist's wonderful LEGO figurines, Spence was able to recreate popular movie scenes that includes a wide range of genres, from the titular singing/dancing number from Singing in the Rain to the heart-pumping ax scene from The Shining.