25 Hottest Things That Have Ever Happened

#11 This touching sentiment:

This touching sentiment:


11 Hot Girl Selfies Ruined!

Here you have some absolutely beautiful girls trying to take a nice photo of themselves but have been unlucky enough to be photobombed at the worst possible time.


19 Unusual Dog Breeds And Markings Will Make You Fall In Love.

Most people in the world tend to favor one animal over the rest. Some of us are cat people, while others are dog people. (Some of you may even be hamster people. Who am I to judge?) No matter what our differences are, one thing is certain: you’re going to love dogs a little more after you see this.


40 Celebrities Who Were Sorority Girls

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Sexist Sharks Prefer To Attack Men

Bond University in Queensland has recently conducted a study that revealed sharks are nine times more likely to attack a man than a woman. After being shocked by their findings, researchers double-checked the results to confirm that 84% of all shark attack victims are male, and 89% of all fatalities are male.